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Hey! I’m Carrot top

Well actually my name is Martin, but hence the abundance of ginger hair on my head, Carrot Top seemed more appropriate! πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ¦°

I’m an Essex wedding photographer serving throughout London & the South East of England, occasionally travelling for destination weddings around the world.Β 

I’m fortunate to be doing what I love for a living, working hard to give my clients images and an experience that reflects that passion, but ultimately it’s working with people like you that makes my life a breeze.

I’m very relaxed in my approach, capturing your day in a fun, candid, storytelling way that doesn’t feel to clichΓ©! So if that’s jam too then get in touch – wherever you are!

Martin Suker aka Carrot Top
Essex Wedding Photographer

2023 essex wedding photographer of the year finalist! πŸŽ‰

wow wow wow! I can’t believe it! It’s so awesome to be appreciated for what I love to do! Thank you for the recognition.

How I work

The way I capture photos is candid with a mix of some creative shots, I’ve never liked too much posing, in fact… there’s been times I’ve been about to take a shot and someone pouts, and it goes straight into the rejects pile. It’s really not my thing.Β 

What I capture is emotion, love, affection, and storylines that you wouldn’t get with a photographer that plans every shot down to the core. Oh! and if there’s the opportunity, a lot of shutter drag.

Shutter drag addict
Shutter drag addict



what I DO

Hard to believe it, I might be a great wedding photographer but I’m so awesome I can capture other genres that I love too.

Generally, they involve people, people like you…Β cool people.. cooler than me anyway, and quite frankly I need some friends, whom I continue capturing memories for throughout their story.

Β Other than weddings, I shoot Engagements (that’s if your partner is super organised!) Relaxed non-snooty portraits, and bass-pumping life events like birthdays, stags & hen dos.

Posh people call it multi-discipline

Put your best foot forward for photos that stand the test of time


As a wedding photographer, you know when you’re doing something great when you get messages like this. After the full-on 12-14 hour days of shooting, and the weeks of editing the photos. Getting these through makes my heart melt. 🧑

let's make some memories
lets make some memorie's


Let’s have a chat, coffee, beer, wine, GIN!! and discuss your dreams, so I can make them come true.

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