Shutter Drag Addict

Fresh out of Rehab and I still cant replace my fix

What is Shutter Drag?

Shutter drag is a technique that I use in darker conditions such as events, and party times at weddings. You’ll know I’m doing it when you see me seemingly take a photo and then wiggle my camera around straight after. YES I do look odd, and I get some strange looks from guests that ask what the hell I am doing, but I’m sure you will agree the effect it makes looks really cool! 

Like with everything in photography, the key is observation and planningYou have to have some (but not loads) of cool lighting in the space, and then wait for a beautiful moment to flash the subject 👀 (no not flashing like that LOL) with a slower than usual shutter speed and then “drag” the camera in the direction of the cool lights before the shutter closes. 

This makes really nice light trails across the photo and helps reproduce the sweet vibes of the moment.

they trying to make me go to rehab and I said NO nO No!

Why do I use Shutter Drag?

Well over the fact I just LOVE it, I use shutter drag in my wedding evening and event photography is because it captures the ambience much better than standard flash use. I’m all about capturing, a true-to-life and accurate representation of an event, be that your first dance, or a bass-pumping party.

Just using flash in its traditional sense usually lightens the whole room, rather than just the subject. which leads to the end photo looking like it was taken in the day time, and with very little coloured light, which isn’t accurate to the space I’m in. Here’s an example of with and without shutter drag: