Fun Event photographer


I’ve been photographing both weddings and events since 2014, and the simple truth why is that I love seeing people have a great time. I’m a party animal at heart, if there’s music playing, I’ll be throwing shapes!

Whilst wedding photography is my core service I’m often found imaging fun events with people that want to have a good time and want those epic and sometimes embarrassing moments eternalised in photos.

These could be awards evenings, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings and other celebrations that you will want to reminisce over for years to come.

Over my years of experience as an event photographer, I’ve come to learn that each and every event is different. Different people bring different vibes which always throws variety into the mix, and with that, you get bespoke imagery of your event. 

People are my absolute joy to take pictures of, and with them having fun and a good time we always get great images that help you remember that day for a lifetime

make sure theres sandstorm on the playlist



Experienced Event Photographer

I’ve had the pleasure of working for massive-scale events in arenas such as the O2 and Wembley, but I really enjoy smaller affairs where there’s “hella” more fun going on!

I’ve previously shot awards evenings for a national organisation, conferences for a bunch of not-for-profits, birthday parties, engagements/engagement parties, baptisms/christenings and big wedding anniversary celebrations.

Before the event we will always discuss the full plan, so nothing can be missed, depending on the size or length of your celebration, I have a number of assistant photographers to assist me in capturing every moment. So rest assure regardless of how the event runs, we use our experience to make sure its captured in the best way possible.

One last thing … If there’s a DJ and sick lighting, you will likely get a whole bunch of shutter drag photos too, which I have a love for!

make sure theres sandstorm on the playlist


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